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When we went back to our lodgings to pack up, and I looked in the glass
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When We Went Back To Our Lodgings To Pack Up, And I Looked In The Glass And Saw What A

Smeary, bedraggled state my hat and head was in, from being rained on, I said to Jone, "I don't see

How those people ever let such a person as me have a room at their hotel."

"It doesn't surprise me a bit," said Jone; "nobody but a very high and mighty person would have dared to go lording it about that hotel with her hat feathers and flowers all plastered down over her head. Most people can be uppish in good clothes, but to look like a scare-crow and be uppish can't be expected except from the truly lofty."

"I hope you are right," I said, and I think he was.

We hadn't been at the Babylon Hotel, where we are now, for more than two days when I said to Jone that this sort of thing wasn't going to do. He looked at me amazed. "What on earth is the matter now?" he said. "Here is a room fit for a royal duke, in a house with marble corridors and palace stairs, and gorgeous smoking-rooms, and a post-office, and a dining-room pretty nigh big enough for a hall of Congress, with waiters enough to make two military companies, and the bills of fare all in French. If there is anything more you want, Pomona - "

"Stop there" said I; "the last thing you mention is the rub.

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