The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 -  And if it be true
(as certainly it is) that Example has more Efficacy than Precept, we
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And If It Be True (As Certainly It Is) That Example Has More Efficacy Than Precept, We May Be Bold To Say There Are Few Fairer, Or More Worthy Imitation.

- The Sons and Daughters of the greatest Families may give additional Lustre to their Nobility, by forming themselves by the Model here presented to them; and those of lower Extraction, attain Qualities to attone for what they want in Birth:

- So that we flatter ourselves this Undertaking will not fail of receiving the Approbation of all who wish well to a Reformation of Manners, and more especially those who have Youth under their Care. - As for such who may take it up merely as an Amusement, it is possible they will find something, which, by interesting their Affections, may make them better without designing to be so. - Either way will fully recompense the Pains taken in the compiling by




Contains the Manner in which a Gentleman found two Children: His Benevolence towards them, and what kind of Affection he bore to them as they grew up; with the Departure of one of them to the Army.


Relates the Offers made by Dorilaus to Louisa, and the Manner of her receiving them.


Dorilaus continues his Importunities, with some unexpected Consequences that attended them.


Louisa becomes acquainted with a Lady of Quality, Part of whose Adventures are also related, and goes to travel with her.


Horatio's Reception by the Officers of the Army:

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