The Fortunate Foundlings, By Eliza Fowler Haywood

 - The Fortunate Foundlings
Being the Genuine History of Colonel M----Rs, And His Sister,
Madam Du P----Y, The Issue - Page 1
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The Fortunate Foundlings Being The Genuine History Of Colonel M----Rs, And His Sister, Madam Du P----Y, The Issue Of The Hon.

Ch----Es M----Rs, Son Of The Late Duke Of R---- L----D. Containing Many Wonderful Accidents That Befel Them in Their Travels, and Interspersed with the Characters and Adventures of Several Persons of Condition, In The Most Polite Courts Of Europe.

The Whole Calculated for the Entertainment and Improvement of the Youth of Both Sexes.

by Eliza Fowler Haywood





The many Fictions which have been lately imposed upon the World, under the specious Titles of Secret Histories, Memoirs, &c. &c. have given but too much room to question the Veracity of every Thing that has the least Tendency that way: We therefore think it highly necessary to assure the Reader, that he will find nothing in the following Sheets, but what has been collected from Original Letters, Private Memorandums, and the Accounts we have been favoured with from the Mouths of Persons too deeply concerned in many of the chief Transactions not to be perfectly acquainted with the Truth, and of too much Honour and Integrity to put any false Colours upon it.

The Adventures are not so long passed as to be wholly forgotten by many Living Witnesses, nor yet so recent as to give any Reason to suspect us of Flattery in the Relation given of them, the Motive of their Publication being only to encourage Virtue in both Sexes, by showing the Amiableness of it in real Characters. And if it be true (as certainly it is) that Example has more Efficacy than Precept, we may be bold to say there are few fairer, or more worthy Imitation. - The Sons and Daughters of the greatest Families may give additional Lustre to their Nobility, by forming themselves by the Model here presented to them; and those of lower Extraction, attain Qualities to attone for what they want in Birth: - So that we flatter ourselves this Undertaking will not fail of receiving the Approbation of all who wish well to a Reformation of Manners, and more especially those who have Youth under their Care. - As for such who may take it up merely as an Amusement, it is possible they will find something, which, by interesting their Affections, may make them better without designing to be so. - Either way will fully recompense the Pains taken in the compiling by




Contains the Manner in which a Gentleman found two Children: His Benevolence towards them, and what kind of Affection he bore to them as they grew up; with the Departure of one of them to the Army.


Relates the Offers made by Dorilaus to Louisa, and the Manner of her receiving them.


Dorilaus continues his Importunities, with some unexpected Consequences that attended them.


Louisa becomes acquainted with a Lady of Quality, Part of whose Adventures are also related, and goes to travel with her.


Horatio's Reception by the Officers of the Army: His Behaviour in the Battle: His being taken Prisoner by the French: His Treatment among them, and many other Particulars.


Describes the Masquerade at the Dutchess of Maine's: The Characters and Intrigues of several Persons of Quality who were there: The odd Behaviour of a Lady in regard to Horatio; and Charlotta's Sentiments upon it.


An Explanation of the foregoing Adventure, with a Continuation of the Intrigues of some French Ladies, and the Policy of Mademoiselle Coigney in regard of her Brother.


The parting of Horatio and Mademoiselle Charlotta, and what happened after she left St. Germains.


A second Separation between Horatio and Charlotta, with some other Occurrences.


The Reasons that induced Horatio to leave France: with the Chevalier St. George's Behaviour on knowing his Resolution. He receives an unexpected Favour from the Baron de Palfoy.


Horatio arrives at Rheines, finds Means to see Mademoiselle Charlotta, and afterwards pursues his Journey to Poland.


Continuation of the Adventures of Louisa: Her quitting Vienna with Melanthe, and going to Venice, with some Accidents that there befel them.


Louisa finds herself very much embarrassed by Melanthe's imprudent Behaviour. Monsieur du Plessis declares an honourable Passion for her: Her Sentiments and Way of acting on this Occasion.


The base Designs of the Count de Bellfleur occasion a melancholy Change in Louisa's Way of Life: The generous Behaviour of Monsieur du Plessis on that Occasion.


Louisa is in Danger of being ravished by the Count de Bellfleur; is providentially rescued by Monsieur du Plessis, with several other Particulars.


The Innkeeper's Scruples oblige Louisa to write to Melanthe: Her Behaviour on the Discovery of the Count's Falshood. Louisa changes her Resolution, and goes to Bolognia.


Horatio arrives at Warsaw; sees the Coronation of Stanislaus and his Queen: His Reception from the King of Sweden: His Promotion: Follows that Prince in all his Conquests thro' Poland, Lithuania and Saxony. The Story of Count Patkull and Madame de Eusilden.


King Stanislaus quits Alranstadt to appease the Troubles In Poland: Charles XII. gives Laws to the Empire: A Courier arrives from Paris: Horatio receives Letters, which give him great Surprize.


The King of Sweden leaves Saxony, marches into Lithuania, meets with an Instance of Russian Brutality, drives the Czar out of Grodno, and pursues him to the Borysthenes. Horatio, with others, is taken Prisoner by the Russians, and carried to Petersburg, where he suffers the extremest Miseries.


The Treachery of a Russian Lady to her Friend: Her Passion for Horatio: The Method he took to avoid making any Return, and some other entertaining Occurrences.


The Prisoners Expectations raised: A terrible Disappointment: Some of the chief carried to Prince Menzikoff's Palace: Their Usage there: Horatio set at Liberty, and the Occasion.


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