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village, was several hundred years old; and out of all the crevices
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One Small House, The Oldest In The Village, Was Several Hundred Years Old; And Out Of All The Crevices Between The Stones Hung Harebells And Other Wild Flowers; One Side Of It And Much Of The Roof Were Covered With Ivy.

This house was only about ten feet square, and it looked to me like a great rustic flower pot.

I should like some time to read you a description of this lovely place, written by Miss Martineau herself. Then you will almost hear the murmuring sound of the Brathay and the Rotha, and breathe the perfume of the wild heather, and catch the freshness of the morning breeze, as she offers you these mountain luxuries in her glowing words.

Miss Martineau lives a little out of the village. You drive up to the house through a shrubbery of laurels, and roses, and fuschias, and other plants, - young trees and flowers, - to the beautiful little porch, covered with honeysuckles and creeping plants. The back of the house is turned to the road, and the front looks out over the loveliest green meadows, to the grand, quiet hills, sometimes clear and sharp in their outline against the blue sky, and at others wreathed with mist; and one might sit for hours at the large bay window in the parlor, watching these changes, and asking no other enjoyment.

It was also a great pleasure to witness the true and happy life of my friend. I saw there the highest ideas of duty, usefulness, and benevolence carried into daily practice.

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