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The other idea was the wonderful skill displayed in the construction
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The Other Idea Was The Wonderful Skill Displayed In The Construction Of The Small, But Wonderfully Powerful And Beautifully Arranged

And safe home, in which we were moving on this immense and turbid ocean, carrying within her the great central

Fire by which the engine was moved, which, in spite of winds and waves, carried us safely along; then the science which enabled the master of this curious nutshell of man's contriving to know just in what part of this waste of trackless waters we were. All these things I knew before, and had often thought of them, but was never so impressed with them; it was almost as if they were new to me.

Before I quit the ocean, I must tell you of what I saw for which I cannot account, and, had not one of the gentlemen seen it too, I should almost have doubted my senses. When we were entirely out of sight of land, I saw a white butterfly hovering over the waves, and looking as if he were at home. Where the beautiful creature came from, or how he lived, or what would become of him, no one could tell. He seemed to me to be there as a symbol and a declaration that the souls of those whose bodies lay in the ocean were yet living and present with those they had loved.

When we arrived at Liverpool, we found a very dear friend, whom we had known in America, on the wharf ready to receive us.

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