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From Coblentz to Bingen is the glory of the Rhine scenery; old
castles looking down over these lovely hills covered - Page 45
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From Coblentz To Bingen Is The Glory Of The Rhine Scenery; Old Castles Looking Down Over These Lovely Hills Covered

With vines and cornfields; little villages nestled in between them; beautiful spires of the prettiest churches you can imagine, looking

As if they gathered the houses of the villages under their protecting wings. Your soul, in short, is full of unutterable delight. It was a sort of relief to laugh at the legend as we passed the little island on which is the Mouse Tower, so named from the history of Bishop Hatto, who it is said was eaten up by rats because he refused corn in a time of scarcity to the starving poor, when he had a plenty rotting in his storehouses.

When I was obliged at last to turn away from all these glories, the words of Byron were in my heart: -

* * * * *

Adieu to thee again; a vain adieu; There can be no farewell to scenes like thine. The mind is colored by thy every hue, And if reluctantly the eyes resign Their cherished gaze upon thee, lovely Rhine, 'Tis with the thankful glance of parting praise. More mighty spots may rise, more glaring shine, But none unite in one attracting maze The brilliant, fair, and soft, the glories of old days, The negligently grand, the fruitful bloom Of summer ripeness, the white cities' sheen, The rolling stream, the precipice's gloom, The forest's growth, and Gothic walls between The wild rocks shaped as they had turrets been, In mockery of man's art."

End of Travellers' Stories, by Eliza Lee Follen

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