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I Could Hardly Keep From Falling On My Knees.

Look at the fine engravings, and study it all out as well as you can; still you can form

No adequate idea of the effect of those endless arches, of the exquisite carving in stone, of the flowers, strange figures, and in short every wild, every grotesque thing that you can or cannot imagine. Well has it been called a great poem in stone, - such grace, such aspiration, such power, such harmony. O, it was worth crossing the Atlantic, that first impression.

After the service, I took a guide and went all over this miracle of beauty and genius, and read the inscriptions and saw the curiosities.

During my second stay in Liverpool, my friend took me to Chester, that wonderful old city, just on the borders of Wales. If you can imagine the front rooms of the second story of a row of houses taken out, and in their place a floor put over the lower story and a ceiling under the upper story, and shops in the back rooms, you will form some idea of Chester. All the streets, nearly, are made in this way. The carts and horses go in the narrow streets between the houses, but foot passengers walk in this curious sort of piazzas, put into the houses instead of being added to them. The most elegant shops are here in these back rooms, and you walk for whole long streets under cover, with the dwellings of the inhabitants over your heads and under your feet.

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