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man. For an account of him, and for his letters from abroad, in French
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A Rare And Godly Young Man.

For an account of him, and for his letters from abroad, in French and Latin, to Prince Henry, see T. Birch's Life of Prince Henry.

Footnote 162: "One Tovy, an 'aged man,' late master of the free school, Guildford." Dictionary of National Biography, article on Sir John Harington, supra.

Footnote 163: Life and Letters of Sir Henry Wotton, i. 456-7.

Footnote 164: S.R. Gardiner, History of England, iii. 191.

Footnote 165: H. Foley, Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus, London, 1882, Series ii. p. 253.

Footnote 166: Ibid.

Footnote 167: Foley, op. cit., p. 256. The facts are confirmed by the report of the English Ambassador at Valladolid, 17th July 1605, O.S., printed in the Winwood Memorials, vol. ii. p. 95.

Footnote 168: Fynes Moryson, Itinerary, ed. 1907, vol. iii. pp. 390-1.

Footnote 169: Such as Dr Thomas Case of St John's in Oxford, whom Fuller reports as "always a Romanist in his heart, but never expressing the same till his mortal sickness seized upon him" (Church History, book ix. p. 235).

Footnote 170: Gardiner, History of England, vol. v. pp. 102-3. The same wavering between two Churches in the time of James I. is exemplified by "Edward Buggs, Esq., living in London, aged seventy, and a professed Protestant." He "was in his sicknesse seduced to the Romish Religion." Recovering, a dispute was held at his request between two Jesuits and two Protestant Divines, on the subject of the Visibility of the Church.

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