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Traveller in his Convers ... directing him, after the latest Mode, to
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Subsidium Peregrinantibus Or An Assistance To A Traveller In His Convers ...

Directing him, after the latest Mode, to the greatest Honour, Pleasure, Security, and Advantage in his Travells. Written to a Princely Traveller for a Vade Mecum.

Oxford, 1665.

1670: Lassels, Richard: The Voyage of Italy or a Compleat Journey through Italy.... With Instructions concerning Travel; by Richard Lassels, Gent., who travelled through Italy Five times, as Tutor to several of the English Nobility and Gentry. Never before Extant. Newly printed at Paris and are to be sold in London by John Starkey. 1670.

1670. - - A Letter of Advice to a young Gentleman Leaving the University, concerning his behavior and conversation in the World, by R(ichard) L(assels). Dublin, 1670.

1671. Leigh, Edward. Three Diatribes or Discourses; First of Travel, or a Guide for Travellers into Foreign Parts; Secondly, of Money or Coyns; Thirdly, of Measuring the Distance betwixt Place and Place. London, 1671.

1678. Gailhard, J. (Who hath been Tutor Abroad to severall of the Nobility and Gentry.) The Compleat Gentleman: or Directions for the Education of Youth as to their Breeding at Home and Travelling Abroad. London, 1678.

1693. Locke, John. Some Thoughts concerning Education. Fourth Edition. London, 1699.

1688. A Letter of Advice to a Young Gentleman of an Honorable Family, now in his Travels beyond the Seas: for his more safe and profitable conduct in the three great Instances, of Study, Moral Deportment and Religion. In three parts. By a True Son of the Church of England. London, 1688.

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