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Mary, new heads were placed on the bodies of these kings, and so
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In The Reign Of Queen Mary, New Heads Were Placed On The Bodies Of These Kings, And So Remained Till The 28th Of Queen Elizabeth, Anno 1586, When The Gate, Being Very Ruinous, Was Pulled Down, And Beautifully Rebuilt:

The east or inside whereof was adorned with four pilasters and entablature of the Doric order, and in the

Intercolumns were placed the figures of King Lud and his two sons (who are supposed to have succeeded him) in their British habits again; and above them the queen's arms, viz., those of France and England quarterly, the supporters a lion and a dragon. It was afterwards repaired and beautified, anno 1699, Sir Francis Child lord mayor. The west or outside of the gate is adorned with two pilasters and entablature of the Ionic order; also two columns and a pediment adorning a niche, wherein is placed a good statue of Queen Elizabeth in her robes and the regalia; and over it the queen's arms between the city supporters, placed at some distance. This gate was made a prison for debtors who were free of the city, anno 1 Richard II., 1378, Nicholas Brember then mayor, and confirmed such by the mayor and common council, anno 1382, John Northampton mayor.

The Tower of London is situated at the south-east end of the city, on the river Thames, and consists in reality of a great number of towers or forts, built at several times, which still retain their several names, though at present most of them, together with a little town and church, are enclosed within one wall and ditch, and compose but one entire fortress.

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