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Of eating-houses and cook-shops there are not many, considering the
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Of Eating-Houses And Cook-Shops There Are Not Many, Considering The Largeness Of The Town, Unless It Be About The Inns Of Court And Chancery, Smithfield, And The Royal Exchange, And Some Other Places, To Which The Country-People And Strangers Resort When They Come To Town.

Here is good butcher's meat of all kinds, and in the best of them fowls, pigs, geese, &c., the

Last of which are pretty dear; but one that can make a meal of butcher's meat, may have as much as he cares to eat for sixpence; he must be content indeed to sit in a public room, and use the same linen that forty people have done before him. Besides meat, he finds very good white bread, table- beer, &c.

Coffee-houses are almost as numerous as ale-houses, dispersed in every part of the town, where they sell tea, coffee, chocolate, drams, and in many of the great ones arrack and other punch, wine, &c. These consist chiefly of one large common room, with good fires in winter; and hither the middle sort of people chiefly resort, many to breakfast, read the news, and talk politics; after which they retire home: others, who are strangers in town, meet here about noon, and appoint some tavern to dine at; and a great many attend at the coffee-houses near the Exchange, the Inns of Court, and Westminster, about their business. In the afternoon about four, people resort to these places again, from whence they adjourn to the tavern, the play, &c.; and some, when they have taken a handsome dose, run to the coffee-house at midnight for a dish of coffee to set them right; while others conclude the day here with drams, or a bowl of punch.

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