London In 1731, By Don Manoel Gonzales

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of hewn stone, and consists of one stately room, of an oblong form,
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This Edifice Is Built Of Hewn Stone, And Consists Of One Stately Room, Of An Oblong Form, Upwards Of Forty Feet In Height, The Length And Breadth Proportionable, Having Galleries Round It On The Inside, The Ceiling Beautifully Painted By That Celebrated History-Painter, Sir Peter Paul Rubens:

It is adorned on the outside with a lower and upper range of columns of the Ionic and Composite orders, their capitals enriched with fruit, foliage, &c., the intercolumns of the upper and lower range being handsome sashed windows.

It is surrounded on the top with stone rails or banisters, and covered with lead.

St. James's Palace, where the Royal Family now resides in the winter season, stands pleasantly upon the north side of the Park, and has several noble rooms in it, but is an irregular building, by no means suitable to the grandeur of the British monarch its master. In the front next St. James's Street there appears little more than an old gate-house, by which we enter a little square court, with a piazza on the west side of it leading to the grand staircase; and there are two other courts beyond, which have not much the air of a prince's palace. This palace was a hospital, suppressed by Henry VIII., who built this edifice in the room of it.

But the house most admired for its situation is that of the Duke of Buckingham at the west end of the Park; in the front of which, towards the Mall and the grand canal, is a spacious court, the offices on each side having a communication with the house by two little bending piazzas and galleries that form the wings.

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