The Aran Islands By John M. Synge

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All The Time He Was Chanting The Old Man Kept Up A Kind Of Snakelike Movement In His Body, Which Seemed To Fit The Chant And Make It Part Of Him.


My horse he is white, Though at first he was bay, And he took great delight In travelling by night And by day.

His travels were great If I could but half of them tell, He was rode in the garden by Adam, The day that he fell.

On Babylon plains He ran with speed for the plate, He was hunted next day By Hannibal the great.

After that he was hunted In the chase of a fox, When Nebuchadnezzar ate grass, In the shape of an ox.

We are told in the next verses of his going into the ark with Noah, of Moses riding him through the Red Sea; then

He was with king Pharaoh in Egypt When fortune did smile, And he rode him stately along The gay banks of the Nile.

He was with king Saul and all His troubles went through, He was with king David the day That Goliath he slew.

For a few verses he is with Juda and Maccabeus the great, with Cyrus, and back again to Babylon. Next we find him as the horse that came into Troy.

When ( ) came to Troy with joy, My horse he was found, He crossed over the walls and entered The city I'm told.

I come on him again, in Spain, And he in full bloom, By Hannibal the great he was rode, And he crossing the Alps into Rome.

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