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nature round him, he never speaks of it directly, and many - Page 110
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Though Michael Is Sensible Of The Beauty Of The Nature Round Him, He Never Speaks Of It Directly, And Many Of Our Evening Walks Are Occupied With Long Gaelic Discourses About The Movements Of The Stars And Moon.

These people make no distinction between the natural and the supernatural.

This afternoon - it was Sunday, when there is usually some interesting talk among the islanders - it rained, so I went into the schoolmaster's kitchen, which is a good deal frequented by the more advanced among the people. I know so little of their ways of fishing and farming that I do not find it easy to keep up our talk without reaching matters where they cannot follow me, and since the novelty of my photographs has passed off I have some difficulty in giving them the entertainment they seem to expect from my company. To-day I showed them some simple gymnastic feats and conjurer's tricks, which gave them great amusement.

'Tell us now,' said an old woman when I had finished, 'didn't you learn those things from the witches that do be out in the country?'

In one of the tricks I seemed to join a piece of string which was cut by the people, and the illusion was so complete that I saw one man going off with it into a corner and pulling at the apparent joining till he sank red furrows round his hands.

Then he brought it back to me.

'Bedad,' he said, 'this is the greatest wonder ever I seen.

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