The Aran Islands By John M. Synge

 -  After I had looked at them we lay down in the corner of a
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After I Had Looked At Them We Lay Down In The Corner Of A Little Field, Filled With The Autumn Sunshine And The Odour Of Withering Flowers, While He Told Me A Long Folk-Tale Which Took More Than An Hour To Narrate.

He is so blind that I can gaze at him without discourtesy, and after a while the expression of his face made me forget to listen, and I lay dreamily in the sunshine letting the antique formulas of the story blend with the suggestions from the prehistoric masonry I lay on.

The glow of childish transport that came over him when he reached the nonsense ending - so common in these tales - recalled me to myself, and I listened attentively while he gabbled with delighted haste: 'They found the path and I found the puddle. They were drowned and I was found. If it's all one to me tonight, it wasn't all one to them the next night. Yet, if it wasn't itself, not a thing did they lose but an old back tooth ' - or some such gibberish.

As I led him home through the paths he described to me - it is thus we get along - lifting him at times over the low walls he is too shaky to climb, he brought the conversation to the topic they are never weary of - my views on marriage.

He stopped as we reached the summit of the island, with the stretch of the Atlantic just visible behind him.

'Whisper, noble person,' he began, 'do you never be thinking on the young girls?

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