Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe

 -  To all that cruelty and
injustice by which thousands of hearts are now bleeding, they appear
entirely insensible. They speak - Page 440
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To All That Cruelty And Injustice By Which Thousands Of Hearts Are Now Bleeding, They Appear Entirely Insensible.

They speak with heartless levity of the revolutions of France, as of a pantomime got up for their diversion. Their time and thoughts seem to be divided between defences of American slavery and efforts to attach themselves to the skirts of French tyranny.

They are the parasites of parasites - delighted if they can but get to an imperial ball, and beside themselves if they can secure an introduction to the man who figured as a _roue_, in the streets of New York. Noble-minded men of all parties here, who have sacrificed all for principle, listen with suppressed indignation, while young America, fresh from the theatres and gambling saloons, declares, between the whiffs of his cigar, that the French are not capable of free institutions, and that the government of Louis Napoleon is the best thing France could have. Thus from the plague- spot at her heart has America become the propagandist of despotism in Europe. Nothing weighs so fearfully against the cause of the people of Europe as this kind of American influence. Through almost every city of Europe are men whose great glory it appears to be to proclaim that they worship the beast, and wear his name in their foreheads. I have seen sometimes, in the forests, a vigorous young sapling which had sprung up from the roots of an old, decaying tree. So, unless the course of things alters much in America, a purer civil liberty will spring up from her roots in Europe, while her national tree is blasted with despotism.

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