Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe


On our way from Frankfort to Halle, in a _nich rauchen_ car,
too, a jolly old gentleman, whose joyous and - Page 390
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On Our Way From Frankfort To Halle, In A "_Nich Rauchen_" Car, Too, A Jolly Old Gentleman, Whose Joyous And

Abundant German sounded to me like the clatter of a thousand of brick, wound up a kind of promiscuous avalanche

Of declamation by pulling a matchbox from his pocket, and proceeding deliberately to light his pipe. The tobacco was detestable. Now, if a man _must_ smoke, I think he is under moral obligation to have decent tobacco. I began to turn ill, and C. attacked the offender in French; not a word did he understand, and puffed on tranquil and happy. The idea that any body did not like smoke was probably the last that could ever be made to enter his head, even in a language that he did understand. C. then enlisted the next neighbor, who understood French, and got him to interpret that smoke made the lady ill. The chimney-descended man now took his pipe out, and gazed at it and me alternately, with an air of wondering incredulity, and seemed trying to realize some vast conception, but failing in the effort, put his pipe back, and smoked as before! Some old ladies now amiably offered to change places with me, evidently regarding me as the victim of some singular idiosyncrasy. As I changed, a light seemed to dawn on the old chimney's mind - a good-natured one he was; he looked hard at me, and his whiffs became fainter till at last they ceased, and he never smoked more till I was safe out of the cars.

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