Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe

 -  Well, we have seen;
this is all; He is not here, he is risen. Is this all? All, says
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Well, We Have Seen; This Is All; "He Is Not Here, He Is Risen." "Is This All?" "All," Says Our Guide, And We Go Out.

I look curiously at the old door where Luther nailed up his theses; but even this is not the identical door; that was destroyed by the French.

Still, under that arched doorway he stood, hammer and nails in hand; he held up his paper, he fitted it straight; rap, rap, - there, one nail - another - it is up, and he stands looking at it. These very stones were over that head that are now over mine, this very ground beneath his feet. As I turned away I gave an earnest look at the old church. Grass is growing on its buttresses; it has a desolate look, though strong and well kept. The party pass on, and I make haste to overtake them.

Down we go, doing penance over the round paving stones; and our next halt is momentary. In the market-place, before the town house, (a huge, three-gabled building, like a beast of three horns,) stands Luther's bronze monument; apple women and pear women, onion and beet women, are thickly congregated around, selling as best they may. There stands Luther, looking benignantly, holding and pointing to the open Bible; the women, meanwhile, thinking we want fruit, hold up their wares and talk German. But our conductress has a regular guide's trot, inexorable as fate; so on we go.

Wittenberg is now a mean little town; all looks poor and low; yet it seems like a place that has seen better days.

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