Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe


I looked on the carvings, the statues, the broken arches, where
bluebells and wild flowers were waving, and it seemed - Page 330
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I Looked On The Carvings, The Statues, The Broken Arches, Where Bluebells And Wild Flowers Were Waving, And It Seemed Inexpressibly Beautiful.

It haunted me in my dreams, and I found myself walking up and down that terrace, in a kind of dim, beautiful twilight, with some friend:

It was a strange dream of joy. But I felt myself very ill even while there, and had to take my sofa again as soon as I returned. There lying, I took my pencil, and drew just the view of the castle which I could see from my window, as a souvenir of the happiness I had felt at Heidelberg.

[Illustration: _of the author's window view of Heidelberg._]

Now, I know you will say with me that a day of such hazy, dreamy enjoyment is worth a great deal. We cannot tell why it is, or what it is, but one feels like an AEolian breathed on and touched by soft winds.

[Illustration: _of Heidelberg castle._]

This sketch of the castle gives only about half of it. Those tiny statues indicated in it on the points of the gables are figures in armor of large size. The two little kiosks or summer houses that you see, you will find, by turning back to the other picture, mark the extremities of the terrace. There is a singular tinge of the Moorish about this architecture which gives me great delight. That Moorish development always seemed to me strangely exciting and beautiful.


Tuesday, August 2.

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