Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe


It is a cloudy day; and heavy volumes of vapor are wreathing and
unwreathing themselves around the gaunt forms of - Page 220
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It Is A Cloudy Day; And Heavy Volumes Of Vapor Are Wreathing And Unwreathing Themselves Around The Gaunt Forms Of The Everlasting Rocks, Like Human Reasonings, Desires, And Hopes Around The Ghastly Realities Of Life And Death; Graceful, Undulating, And Sometimes Gleaming Out In Silver Or Rosy Wreaths.

Still, they are nothing but mist; the dread realities are just where they were before.

It is odd, though, to look at these cloud caperings; quite as interesting, in its way, as to read new systems of transcendental philosophy, and perhaps quite as profitable. Yonder is a great, whiteheaded cloud, slowly unrolling himself in the bosom of a black pine forest. Across the other side of the road a huge granite cliff has picked up a bit of gauzy silver, which he is winding round his scraggy neck. And now, here comes a cascade right over our heads; a cascade, not of water, but of cloud; for the poor little brook that makes it faints away before it gets down to us; it falls like a shimmer of moonlight, or a shower of powdered silver, while a tremulous rainbow appears at uncertain intervals, like a half-seen spirit.

[Illustration: _of waterfalls._]

The cascade here, as in mountains generally, is a never-failing source of life and variety. Water, joyous, buoyant son of Nature, is calling to you, leaping, sparkling, mocking at you between bushes, and singing as he goes down the dells. A thousand little pictures he makes among the rocks as he goes; like the little sketch which I send you.

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