Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe


After service we lunched with a large party, with Mrs. Milman, at the
deanery near by. Mrs. Jameson was there - Page 150
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After Service We Lunched With A Large Party, With Mrs. Milman, At The Deanery Near By.

Mrs. Jameson was there, and Mrs. Gaskell, authoress of Mary Barton and Ruth.

She has a very lovely, gentle face, and looks capable of all the pathos that her writings show. I promised her a visit when I go to Manchester. Thackeray was there with his fine figure, and frank, cheerful bearing. He spoke in a noble and brotherly way of America, and seemed to have highly enjoyed his visit in our country.

After this we made a farewell call at the lord mayor's. We found the lady mayoress returned from the queen's drawing room. From her accounts I should judge the ceremonial rather fatiguing. Mrs. M. asked me yesterday if I had any curiosity to see one. I confessed I had not. Merely to see public people in public places, in the way of parade and ceremony, was never interesting to me. I have seen very little of ceremony or show in England. Well, now, I have brought you down to this time. I have omitted, however, that I went with Lady Hatherton to call on Mr. and Mrs. Dickens, and was sorry to find him too unwell to be able to see us. Mrs. Dickens, who was busy in attending him, also excused herself, and we saw his sister.

To-morrow we go - go to quiet, to obscurity, to peace; to Paris - to Switzerland: there we shall find the loneliest glen, and, as the Bible says, "fall on sleep." For our adventures on the way, meanwhile, I refer you to C.'s journal.

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