Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands - Volume 2 - By Harriet Beecher Stowe

 -  It is remarkable, said his
lordship, that of their own accord they decided to reject every
profane, indecent, or immoral - Page 119
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"It Is Remarkable," Said His Lordship, "That Of Their Own Accord They Decided To Reject Every Profane, Indecent, Or Immoral Work.

It showed," he said, "how strong are the influences of the surroundings in reforming or ruining the character." It

Should be remarked that all these advantages are enjoyed for the same price charged by the most crowded and filthy of lodging houses, namely, fourpence per night, or two shillings per week. The building will accommodate eighty-two. The operation supports itself handsomely.

I should remark, by the by, that in order to test more fully the practicability of the thing, this was accomplished in one of the worst neighborhoods in London.

From these we proceeded to view a more perfect specimen of the same sort in the Model Lodging House of George Street, Bloomsbury Square, a house which was built _de novo_, for the purpose of perfectly illustrating the principle. This house accommodates one hundred and four working men, and combines every thing essential or valuable in such an establishment - complete ventilation and drainage; the use of a distinct living room; a kitchen and a wash house, a bath, and an ample supply of water, and all the conveniences which, while promoting the physical comfort of the inmates, tend to increase their self-respect, and elevate them in the scale of moral and intellectual beings. The arrangement of the principal apartments are such as to insure economy as well as domestic comfort, the kitchen and wash house being furnished with every requisite convenience, including a bath supplied with hot and cold water; also a separate and well-ventilated safe for the food of each inmate.

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