Travels With A Donkey In The Cevennes By Robert Louis Stevenson

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The Pad Changed Hands With Much Vivacity; Perhaps It Would Be More Descriptive To Say That We Threw It At Each Other's Heads; And, At Any Rate, We Were Very Warm And Unfriendly, And Spoke With A Deal Of Freedom.

I had a common donkey pack-saddle - a barde, as they call it - fitted upon Modestine; and once more loaded her with my effects.

The doubled sack, my pilot-coat (for it was warm, and I was to walk in my waistcoat), a great bar of black bread, and an open basket containing the white bread, the mutton, and the bottles, were all corded together in a very elaborate system of knots, and I looked on the result with fatuous content. In such a monstrous deck-cargo, all poised above the donkey's shoulders, with nothing below to balance, on a brand-new pack-saddle that had not yet been worn to fit the animal, and fastened with brand-new girths that might be expected to stretch and slacken by the way, even a very careless traveller should have seen disaster brewing. That elaborate system of knots, again, was the work of too many sympathisers to be very artfully designed. It is true they tightened the cords with a will; as many as three at a time would have a foot against Modestine's quarters, and be hauling with clenched teeth; but I learned afterwards that one thoughtful person, without any exercise of force, can make a more solid job than half-a-dozen heated and enthusiastic grooms.

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