Travels With A Donkey In The Cevennes By Robert Louis Stevenson

 -   A multitude of little birds
kept sweeping and twittering about my path; they perched on the stone
pillars, they pecked - Page 80
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A Multitude Of Little Birds Kept Sweeping And Twittering About My Path; They Perched On The Stone Pillars, They Pecked And Strutted On The Turf, And I Saw Them Circle In Volleys In The Blue Air, And Show, From Time To Time, Translucent Flickering Wings Between The Sun And Me.

Almost from the first moment of my march, a faint large noise, like a distant surf, had filled my ears.

Sometimes I was tempted to think it the voice of a neighbouring waterfall, and sometimes a subjective result of the utter stillness of the hill. But as I continued to advance, the noise increased, and became like the hissing of an enormous tea-urn, and at the same time breaths of cool air began to reach me from the direction of the summit. At length I understood. It was blowing stiffly from the south upon the other slope of the Lozere, and every step that I took I was drawing nearer to the wind.

Although it had been long desired, it was quite unexpectedly at last that my eyes rose above the summit. A step that seemed no way more decisive than many other steps that had preceded it - and, 'like stout Cortez when, with eagle eyes, he stared on the Pacific,' I took possession, in my own name, of a new quarter of the world. For behold, instead of the gross turf rampart I had been mounting for so long, a view into the hazy air of heaven, and a land of intricate blue hills below my feet.

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