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 -   Here there are none of
those delicate gradations, those intimate, misty joinings-on and
spreadings-out into the distance, nothing - Page 230
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Here There Are None Of Those Delicate Gradations, Those Intimate, Misty Joinings-On And Spreadings-Out Into The Distance, Nothing Of That Art Of Air And Light By Which The Face Of Nature Explains And Veils Itself In Climes Which We May Be Allowed To Think More Lovely.

A glaring piece of crudity, where everything that is not white is a solecism and defies the judgment of

The eyesight; a scene of blinding definition; a parade of daylight, almost scenically vulgar, more than scenically trying, and yet hearty and healthy, making the nerves to tighten and the mouth to smile: such is the winter daytime in the Alps.

With the approach of evening all is changed. A mountain will suddenly intercept the sun; a shadow fall upon the valley; in ten minutes the thermometer will drop as many degrees; the peaks that are no longer shone upon dwindle into ghosts; and meanwhile, overhead, if the weather be rightly characteristic of the place, the sky fades towards night through a surprising key of colours. The latest gold leaps from the last mountain. Soon, perhaps, the moon shall rise, and in her gentler light the valley shall be mellowed and misted, and here and there a wisp of silver cloud upon a hilltop, and here and there a warmly glowing window in a house, between fire and starlight, kind and homely in the fields of snow.

But the valley is not seated so high among the clouds to be eternally exempt from changes.

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