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As it turned out, however, he had never had a more enjoyable holiday
in his life before.  The whole event - Page 7
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As It Turned Out, However, He Had Never Had A More Enjoyable Holiday In His Life Before.

The whole event was a tremendous success.

And after that, he had made up his mind to ALWAYS start on a Friday; and he always did, and always had a good time.

He said that he would never, upon any consideration, start for a trip upon any other day but a Friday now. It was so absurd, this superstition about Friday.

So we agreed to start on the Friday, and I am to meet him at Victoria Station at a quarter to eight in the evening.


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I have been a good deal worried to-day about the question of what luggage to take with me. I met a man this morning, and he said:

"Oh, if you are going to Ober-Ammergau, mind you take plenty of warm clothing with you. You'll need all your winter things up there."

He said that a friend of his had gone up there some years ago, and had not taken enough warm things with him, and had caught a chill there, and had come home and died. He said:

"You be guided by me, and take plenty of warm things with you."

I met another man later on, and he said:

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