Diary Of A Pilgrimage By Jerome K. Jerome

 -   I have chased the
lodging-house Norfolk Howard to his watery death by the pale lamp's
light; I have, shivering - Page 5
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I Have Chased The Lodging-House Norfolk Howard To His Watery Death By The Pale Lamp's Light; I Have, Shivering, Followed The Leaping Flea O'er Many A Mile Of Pillow And Sheet, By The Great Atlantic's Margin.

Round and round, till the heart - and not only the heart - grows sick, and the mad brain whirls and

Reels, have I ridden the small, but extremely hard, horse, that may, for a penny, be mounted amid the plains of Peckham Rye; and high above the heads of the giddy throngs of Barnet (though it is doubtful if anyone among them was half so giddy as was I) have I swung in highly-coloured car, worked by a man with a rope. I have trod in stately measure the floor of Kensington's Town Hall (the tickets were a guinea each, and included refreshments - when you could get to them through the crowd), and on the green sward of the forest that borders eastern Anglia by the oft-sung town of Epping I have performed quaint ceremonies in a ring; I have mingled with the teeming hordes of Drury Lane on Boxing Night, and, during the run of a high-class piece, I have sat in lonely grandeur in the front row of the gallery, and wished that I had spent my shilling instead in the Oriental halls of the Alhambra."

"There you are," said B., "that is just as good as yours; and you can write like that without going more than a few hours' journey from London."

"We will discuss the matter no further," I replied.

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