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In the mere sensuous arts of painting and sculpture the Germans are
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In The Mere Sensuous Arts Of Painting And Sculpture The Germans Are Poor, In The Ennobling Arts Of Literature And Music They Are Great; And This Fact Provides A Key To Their Character.

They are a simple, earnest, homely, genuine people.

They do not laugh much; but when they do, they laugh deep down. They are slow, but so is a deep river. A placid look generally rests upon their heavy features; but sometimes they frown, and then they look somewhat grim.

A visit to Germany is a tonic to an Englishman. We English are always sneering at ourselves, and patriotism in England is regarded as a stamp of vulgarity. The Germans, on the other hand, believe in themselves, and respect themselves. The world for them is not played out. Their country to them is still the "Fatherland." They look straight before them like a people who see a great future in front of them, and are not afraid to go forward to fulfil it.


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