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I bought a stick and a new pair of boots at Brussels on purpose for

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I Bought A Stick And A New Pair Of Boots At Brussels On Purpose For Ostend.

There does not seem to be a living visitor in the place besides ourselves - nor a dead one either, that we can find.

The shops are shut up, the houses are deserted, the casino is closed. Notice- boards are exhibited outside the hotels to the effect that the police have strict orders to take into custody anybody found trespassing upon or damaging the premises.

We found one restaurant which looked a little less like a morgue than did the other restaurants in the town, and rang the bell. After we had waited for about a quarter of an hour, an old woman answered the door, and asked us what we wanted. We said a steak and chipped potatoes for two, and a couple of lagers. She said would we call again in about a fortnight's time, when the family would be at home? She did not herself know where the things were kept.

We went down on to the sands this morning. We had not been walking up and down for more than half an hour before we came across the distinct imprint of a human foot. Someone must have been there this very day! We were a good deal alarmed. We could not imagine how he came there. The weather is too fine for shipwrecks, and it was not a part of the coast where any passing trader would be likely to land.

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