Field And Hedgerow By Richard Jefferies

 -  We must think ourselves into
an earthly immortality. By day and by night, by years and by centuries,
still striving - Page 8
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We Must Think Ourselves Into An Earthly Immortality.

By day and by night, by years and by centuries, still striving, studying, searching to find that which shall enable us to live a fuller life upon the earth - to have a wider grasp upon its violets and loveliness, a deeper draught of the sweet-briar wind.

Because my heart beats feebly to-day, my trickling pulse scarcely notating the passing of the time, so much the more do I hope that those to come in future years may see wider and enjoy fuller than I have done; and so much the more gladly would I do all that I could to enlarge the life that shall be then. There is no hope on the old lines - they are dead, like the empty shells; from the sweet delicious violets think out fresh petals of thought and colours, as it were, of soul.

Never was such a worshipper of earth. The commonest pebble, dusty and marked with the stain of the ground, seems to me so wonderful; my mind works round it till it becomes the sun and centre of a system of thought and feeling. Sometimes moving aside the tufts of grass with careless fingers while resting on the sward, I found these little pebble-stones loose in the crumbly earth among the rootlets. Then, brought out from the shadow, the sunlight shone and glistened on the particles of sand that adhered to it. Particles adhered to my skin - thousands of years between finger and thumb, these atoms of quartz, and sunlight shining all that time, and flowers blooming and life glowing in all, myriads of living things, from the cold still limpet on the rock to the burning, throbbing heart of man.

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