A Little Tour In France, By Henry James

 -   The writer makes
a jump to the year 1209, when Carcassonne, then
forming part of the realm of the viscounts - Page 160
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The Writer Makes A Jump To The Year 1209, When Carcassonne, Then Forming Part Of The Realm Of The Viscounts Of Beziers And Infected By The Albigensian Heresy, Was Besieged, In The Name Of The Pope, By The Terrible Simon De Montfort And His Army Of Crusaders.

Simon was ac- customed to success, and the town succumbed in the course of a fortnight.

Thirty-one years later, having passed into the hands of the King of France, it was again besieged by the young Raymond de Trincavel, the last of the viscounts of Beziers; and of this siege M. Viollet-le-Duc gives a long and minute account, which the visitor who has a head for such things may follow, with the brochure in hand, on the fortifications themselves. The young Raymond de Trincavel, baffled and repulsed, retired at the end of twenty-four days. Saint Louis and Philip the Bold, in the thirteenth cen- tury, multiplied the defences of Carcassonne, which was one of the bulwarks of their kingdom on the Spanish quarter; and from this time forth, being re- garded as impregnable, the place had nothing to fear. It was not even attacked; and when, in 1355, Edward the Black Prince marched into it, the inhabitants had opened the gates to the conqueror before whom all Languedoc was prostrate. I am not one of those who, as I said just now, have a head for such things, and having extracted these few facts had made all the use of M. Viollet-le-Duc's, pamphlet of which I was cap- able.

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