A Little Tour In France, By Henry James

 -   Toulouse, at the period
I speak of, was up to its middle (and in places above
it) in water, and - Page 140
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Toulouse, At The Period I Speak Of, Was Up To Its Middle (And In Places Above It) In Water, And Looks Still As If It Had Been Thoroughly Soaked, - As If It Had Faded And Shrivelled With A Long Steeping.

The fields and copses, of course, are more forgiving.

The railway line follows as well the charm- ing Canal du Midi, which is as pretty as a river, bar- ring the straightness, and here and there occupies the foreground, beneath a screen of dense, tall trees, while the Garonne takes a larger and more irregular course a little way beyond it. People who are fond of canals - and, speaking from the pictorial standpoint, I hold the taste to be most legitimate - will delight in this admirable specimen of the class, which has a very in- teresting history, not to be narrated here. On the other side of the road (the left), all the way, runs a long, low line of hills, or rather one continuous hill, or perpetual cliff, with a straight top, in the shape of a ledge of rock, which might pass for a ruined wall. I am afraid the reader will lose patience with my habit of constantly referring to the landscape of Italy, as if that were the measure of the beauty of every other. Yet I am still more afraid that I cannot apologize for it, and must leave it in its culpable nakedness. It is an idle habit; but the reader will long since have dis- covered that this was an idle journey, and that I give my impressions as they came to me.

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