Afoot In England, By W.H. Hudson

 -   It has a magnificent peal of bells, and
on a Sunday afternoon they were ringing, filling and flooding
that hollow - Page 7
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It Has A Magnificent Peal Of Bells, And On A Sunday Afternoon They Were Ringing, Filling And Flooding That Hollow In The Hills, Seeming To Make The Houses And Trees And The Very Earth To Tremble With The Glorious Storm Of Sound.

Walking past the church, I followed the streamlet that runs through the town and out by a cleft between

The hills to a narrow marshy valley, on the other side of which are precipitous hills, clothed from base to summit in oak woods. As I walked through the cleft the musical roar of the bells followed, and was like a mighty current flowing through and over me; but as I came out the sound from behind ceased suddenly and was now in front, coming back from the hills before me. A sound, but not the same - not a mere echo; and yet an echo it was, the most wonderful I had ever heard. For now that great tempest of musical noise, composed of a multitude of clanging notes with long vibrations, overlapping and mingling and clashing together, seemed at the same time one and many - that tempest from the tower which had mysteriously ceased to be audible came back in strokes or notes distinct and separate and multiplied many times. The sound, the echo, was distributed over the whole face of the steep hill before me, and was changed in character, and it was as if every one of those thousands of oak trees had a peal of bells in it, and that they were raining that far-up bright spiritual tree music down into the valley below.

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