Afoot In England, By W.H. Hudson

 -   At last, plucking up courage, first one, then
another, joined them, and were caught as they came and whirled
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At Last, Plucking Up Courage, First One, Then Another, Joined Them, And Were Caught As They Came And Whirled Round And Round In A Manner Quite New To Them And Which They Appeared To Find Very Delightful.

By and by I observed that the little rosy-faced dumpy girl on my neighbour's knees was taking the infection; she was staring, her blue eyes opened to their widest in wonder and delight.

Then suddenly she began pleading, "Oh, mummy, do let me go to the little girls - oh, do let me!" And her mother said "No," because she was so little, and could never fly round like that, and so would fall and hurt herself and cry. But she pleaded still, and was ready to cry if refused, until the good anxious mother was compelled to release her; and down she slipped, and after standing still with her little arms and closed hands held up as if to collect herself before plunging into the new tremendous adventure, she rushed out towards the dancers. One of them saw her coming, and instantly quitting the child she was waltzing with flew to meet her, and catching her round the middle began spinning her about as if the solid little thing weighed no more than a feather. But it proved too much for her; very soon she came down and broke into a loud cry, which brought her mother instantly to her, and she was picked up and taken back to the seat and held to the broad bosom and soothed with caresses and tender words until the sobs began to subside.

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