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Out in the blessed sunshine I listen to a blackcap warbling
very beautifully in a thorn bush near the cottage - Page 250
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Out In The Blessed Sunshine I Listen To A Blackcap Warbling Very Beautifully In A Thorn Bush Near The Cottage;

Then to the great shout of excited joy of the children just released from school, as they rush pell-mell

Forth and scatter about the village, and it strikes me that the bird in the thorn is not more blithe-hearted than they. An old rook - I fancy he is old, a many-wintered crow - is loudly caw-cawing from the elm tree top; he has been abroad all day in the fields and has seen his young able to feed themselves; and his own crop full, and now he is calling to the others to come and sit there to enjoy the sunshine with him. I doubt if he is happier than the human inhabitants of the village, the field labourers and shepherds who have been out toiling since the early hours, and are now busy in their own gardens and allotments or placidly smoking their pipes at their cottage doors.

But I could not stay longer in that village of old unhappy memories and of quiet, happy, uninteresting lives that leave no memory, so after waiting two more days I forced myself to say good-bye to my poor old landlady. Or rather to say "Good night," as I had to start at one o'clock in the morning so as to have a couple, of hours before sunrise at "The Stones" on my way to Salisbury. Her latest effort to detain me a day longer had been made and there was no more to say.

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