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We Read Of Certain Saints Who Were Subject To Experiences Of This Kind That They Were "Snatched Up" Into Some Supramundane Region, And That They Stated On Their Return To Earth That It Was Not Lawful For Them To Speak Of The Things They Had Witnessed.

The humble naturalist and nature-worshipper can only witness the world glorified - transfigured; what he finds is the important thing.

I fancy the mystics would have been nearer the mark if they had said that their experiences during their period of exaltation could not be reported, or that it would be idle to report them, since their questioners lived on the ground and would be quite incapable on account of the mind's limitations of conceiving a state above it and outside of its own experience.

The glory passed and with it the exaltation: the earth and sea turned grey; the last boat was drawn up on the slope and the men departed slowly: only one remained, a rough-looking youth, about fifteen years old. Some important matter which he was revolving in his mind had detained him alone on the darkening beach. He sat down, then stood up and gazed at the rolling wave after wave to roar and hiss on the shingle at his feet; then he moved restlessly about, crunching pebbles beneath his thick boots; finally, making up his mind, he took off his coat, threw it down, and rolled up his shirt-sleeves, with the resolute air of a man about to engage in a fight with an adversary nearly as big as himself.

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