Afoot In England, By W.H. Hudson

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There Was A Light In His Dark Eyes Which Reminded Me Of A Flame Seen Through A Smoked Glass Or A Thin Black Veil, And A Slight Restless Movement About The Corners Of His Mouth As If A Smile Was Just On The Point Of Breaking Out.

But it never quite came; he kept his gravity even when he said things which would have gone very well with a smile.

"I see," he spoke, and his penetrating musical voice had, too, like his eyes and mouth, an expression of mystery in it, "that you are admiring our beautiful west window, especially the figure in the centre. It is quite new - everything is new here - the church itself was only built a few years ago. This window is its chief glory: it was done by a good artist - he has done some of the most admired windows of recent years; and the centre figure is supposed to be a portrait of our generous patroness. At all events she sat for it to him. You have probably heard of Lady Y - ?"

"What!" I exclaimed. "Lady Y - : that funny old woman!"

"No - middle-aged," he corrected, a little frigidly and perhaps a little mockingly at the same time.

"Very well, middle-aged if you like; I don't know her personally. One hears about her; but I did not know she had a place in these parts."

"She owns most of this parish and has done so much for us that we can very well look leniently on a little weakness - her wish that the future inhabitants of the place shall not remember her as a middle-aged woman not remarkable for good looks - 'funny,' as you just now said."

He was wonderfully candid, I thought.

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