Voyages In Search Of The North-west Passage By Richard Hakluyt

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Then (Especially If It Be True, As Many Believe, That There Is A Region Of Open Sea About The Pole Itself) We Might Find It As Easy To Reach Behring Straits By Travelling In A Straight Line Over The North Pole, As By Threading The Straits And Bays North Of America.

We turn our course until we have in sight a portion of the ice- barred eastern coast of Greenland, Shannon Island.

Somewhere about this spot in the seventy-fifth parallel is the most northern part of that coast known to us. Colonel - then Captain - Sabine in the Griper was landed there to make magnetic, and other observations; for the same purpose he had previously visited Sierra Leone. That is where we differ from our forefathers. They commissioned hardy seamen to encounter peril for the search of gold ore, or for a near road to Cathay; but our peril is encountered for the gain of knowledge, for the highest kind of service that can now be rendered to the human race.

Before we leave the Northern Sea, we must not omit to mention the voyage by Spitzbergen northward, in 1818, of Captain Buchan in the Dorothea, accompanied by Lieutenant Franklin, in the Trent. It was Sir John Franklin's first voyage to the Arctic regions. This trip forms the subject of a delightful book by Captain Beechey.

On our way to the south point of Greenland we pass near Cape North, a point of Iceland. Iceland, we know, is the centre of a volcanic region, whereof Norway and Greenland are at opposite points of the circumference.

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