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Their commodities were green fish and Iceland lings and stock fish,
and a fish which is called catfish, of all - Page 160
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Their Commodities Were Green Fish And Iceland Lings And Stock Fish, And A Fish Which Is Called Catfish, Of All Which They Had Great Store.

They had also kine, sheep, and horses, and hay for their cattle and for their horses.

We saw also of their dogs. Their dwelling-houses were made on both sides with stones, and wood laid across over them, which was covered over with turfs of earth, and they are flat on the tops, and many of these stood hard by the shore. Their boats were made with wood, and iron all along the keel like our English boats; and they had nails for to nail them withal, and fish-hooks, and other things for to catch fish as we have here in England. They had also brazen kettles, and girdles and purses made of leather, and knops on them of copper, and hatchets, and other small tools as necessary as we have. They dry their fish in the sun; and when they are dry they pack them up in the top of their houses. If we would go thither to fishing more than we do, we should make it a very good voyage, for we got a hundred green fishes in one morning. We found here two Englishmen with a ship, which came out of England about Easter Day of this present year, 1586; and one of them came aboard of us and brought us two lambs. The Englishman's name was Master John Royden, of Ipswich, merchant; he was bound for London with his ship.

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