Voyages In Search Of The North-west Passage By Richard Hakluyt

 -   Then we went upon another island on the other side
of our ships, and the captain, the master, and I - Page 130
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Then We Went Upon Another Island On The Other Side Of Our Ships, And The Captain, The Master, And I,

Being got up to the top of a high rock, the people of the country having espied us made a

Lamentable noise, as we thought, with great outcries and screechings; we, hearing them, thought it had been the howling of wolves. At last I halloed again, and they likewise cried; then we, perceiving where they stood - some on the shore, and one rowing in a canoe about a small island fast by them - we made a great noise, partly to allure them to us and partly to warn our company of them. Whereupon Master Bruton and the master of his ship, with others of their company, made great haste towards us, and brought our musicians with them from our ship, purposing either by force to rescue us, if needs should so require, or with courtesy to allure the people. When they came unto us we caused our musicians to play, ourselves dancing and making many signs of friendship. At length there came ten canoes from the other islands, and two of them came so near the shore where we were that they talked with us, the other being in their boats a pretty way off. Their pronunciation was very hollow through the throat, and their speech such as we could not understand, only we allured them by friendly embracings and signs of courtesy. At length one of them, pointing up to the sun with his hand, would presently strike his breast so hard that we might hear the blow.

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