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For the bark Dionyse, which was lost, had in her much of their
house, which was prepared and should have - Page 120
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For The Bark Dionyse, Which Was Lost, Had In Her Much Of Their House, Which Was Prepared And Should Have Been Builded For Them, With Many Other Implements.

Also the Thomas of Ipswich, which had most of their provision in her, came not into the straits at all, neither did we see her since the day we were separated in the great snow (of which I spake before).

For these causes, having not their house nor yet provision, they were disappointed of their pretence to tarry, and therefore laded their ships and so came away with us.

But before we took shipping, we builded a little house in the Countess of Warwick's Island, and garnished it with many kinds of trifles, as pins, points, laces, glasses, combs, babes on horseback and on foot, with innumerable other such fancies and toys, thereby to allure and entice the people to some familiarity against other years.

Thus having finished all things we departed the country (as I said before); but because the Busse had not lading enough in her, she put into Bear's Sound to take a little more. In the meanwhile, the Admiral, and the rest without the sea, stayed for her. And that night fell such an outrageous tempest, beating on our ships with such vehement rigour that anchor and cable availed nought, for we were driven on rocks and islands of ice, insomuch that had not the great goodness of God been miraculously showed to us, we had been cast away every man.

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