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But one of our small barques named the Michael, whose captain was
Master Kinderslie, the master, Bartholomew Bull, lost our - Page 110
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But One Of Our Small Barques Named The Michael, Whose Captain Was Master Kinderslie, The Master, Bartholomew Bull, Lost Our Company, Insomuch That We Could Not Obtain The Sight Of Her Many Days After, Of Whom I Mean To Speak Further Anon, When Occasion Shall Be Ministered, And Opportunity Served.

Thus we continued on our course until the 2nd of July, on which day we fell with the Queen's Foreland, where we saw so much ice, that we thought it impossible to get into the straits, yet at the last we gave the adventure, and entered the ice.

Being in amongst it, we saw the Michael, of whom I spake before, accompanied with the, Judith, whose captain was Master Fenton, the master, Charles Jackman, bearing into the aforesaid ice, far distant from us, who in a storm that fell that present night (whereof I will at large, God willing, discourse hereafter), were severed from us, and being in, wandered up and down the straits amongst the ice, many days in great peril, till at the last (by the providence of God) they came safely to harbour in their wished port in the Countess of Warwick's Sound the 20th July aforesaid, ten days before any of the other ships; who going on shore, found where the people of the country had been, and had hid their provision in great heaps of stone, being both of flesh and fish, which they had killed, whereof we also found great store in other places after our arrival.

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