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merchant, unknown to the Englishmen, carried away with him another
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A Frenchman, Assistant To The Merchant, Unknown To The Englishmen, Carried Away With Him Another Frenchman Indebted To A Certain Moor In Four Hundred Ducats, And By Force Caused The Englishmen And Ship To Depart, Who, Neither Suspecting Fraud Nor Deceit, Hoisted Sails.

In the meantime, this man, whose debtor the Frenchman had stolen away, went to the Pasha with a supplication,

By whose means, and force of the Castle, the Englishmen were constrained to return into the port, where the Frenchman, author of the evil, with the master of the ship, an Englishman, innocent of the crime, were hanged, and five-and-twenty Englishmen cast into prison, of whom, through famine and thirst, and stink of the prison, eleven died, and the rest were like to die. Further, it was signified to our Majesty also that the merchandise and other goods with the ship were worth seven thousand six hundred ducats. Which things, if they be so, this is our commandment, which was granted and given by our Majesty, that the English ship, and all the merchandise, and whatsoever else was taken away, be wholly restored, and that the Englishmen be let go free, and suffered to return into their country. Wherefore, when this our commandment shall come unto thee, we straightly command that the foresaid business be diligently looked unto and discharged. And if it be so that a Frenchman, and no Englishman, hath done this craft and wickedness, unknown to the Englishmen, and, as author of the wickedness, is punished, and that the Englishmen committed nothing against the peace and league, or their articles; also, if they paid custom according to order, it is against law, custom of countries, and their privilege, to hinder or hurt them.

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