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then I perceived with a sorrowful heart, God knoweth, I took my leave
of him, not without watery cheeks - Page 144
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Which Then I Perceived With A Sorrowful Heart, God Knoweth, I Took My Leave Of Him, Not Without Watery Cheeks.

And then I went to St. Mary Port, which is three leagues from St. Lucar, where I put myself

To be a soldier in the King of Spain's galleys, which were bound for Majorca and coming thither in the end of the Christmas holidays I found there two English ships, the one of London, and the other of the west country, which were ready freighted, and stayed but for a fair wind. To the master of the one which was of the west country went I, and told him that I had been two years in Spain to learn the language, and that I was now desirous to go home and see my friends, for that I lacked maintenance, and so having agreed with him for my passage I took my shipping. And thus, through the providence of Almighty God, after sixteen years' absence, having sustained many and sundry great troubles and miseries, as by this discourse appeareth, I came home to this my native country in England in the year 1582, in the month of February in the ship called the Landret, and arrived at Poole.

End of Voyager's Tales, by Richard Hakluyt

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