Eastern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 2  - Collected By Richard Hakluyt

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Eastern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 2 - Collected By Richard Hakluyt - Page 130 of 315 - First - Home

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Wee Also, For The Same Cause, Sate On The Left Hand; For So Doe All Ambassadors In Going:

But in returning from the Emperour, we were alwaies placed on the right hand.

In the middest stands his table, neare vnto the doore of the tent, vpon the which there is drinke filled in golden and siluer vessels. [Sidenote: Their custome of drinking at the sound of musicke.] Neither doth Bathy at any time drinke, nor any other of the Tartarian princes, especially being in a publique place, but they haue singing and minstrilsie before them. And alwaies, when hee rides, there is a canopie or small tent caried ouer his head vpon the point of a iaueline. And so doe all the great princes of the Tartars, and their wiues also. The sayd Bathy is courteous enough vnto his owne men, and yet is hee had in great awe by them: he is most cruel in fight: he is exceedingly prudent and politique in warre, because he hath now continued a long time in martiall affaires.

Qualiter recedentes a Bathy per terram Comanorum et Kangittarum transierunt. Cap. 23.

[Sidenote: Legati iubentur ad Cuyme Imperat. pergere.] In die porro Sabbathi sancti ad stationem fuimus vocati, et exiuit ad nos procurator Bathy pradictus, dicens ex parte ipsius, quod ad Imperatorem Cuyne in terram ipsorum iremus, retentis quibusdam ex nostris sub hac specie, quod vellent eos remittere ad Dominum Papam, quibus et literas dedimus de omnibus factis nostris, quas deferrent eidem. Sed cum rediissent vsque ad Montij Ducem supra dictum, ibi retenti fuerunt vsque ad reditum nostrum. Nos autem in die Pascha officio dicto, et facta comestione qualicunque cum duobus Tartaris, qui nobis apud Corrensam fuerant assignati, cum multis lacrymis recessimus, nescientes vtrum ad mortem vel vitam pergeremus. Eramus tamen ita infirmi corpore, quod vix poteramus equitare.

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