Northern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 1 - Collected By Richard Hakluyt

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treatise ought to be the more acceptable, first in that it hath brought
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Northern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 1 - Collected By Richard Hakluyt - Page 60 of 460 - First - Home

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All Which Treatise Ought To Be The More Acceptable, First In That It Hath Brought Sound Trueth With It, And Secondly, In That It Commeth From That Farre Northren Climate Which Most Men Would Suppose Could Not Affoord Any One So Learned A Patrone For It Selfe.

And thus (friendly Reader) thou seest the briefe summe and scope of all my labours for the common-wealths sake, and thy sake, bestowed vpon this first Volume:

Which if thou shall as thankefully accept, as I haue willingly and freely imparted with thee, I shall bee the better encouraged speedily to acquaint thee with those rare, delightfull and profitable histories, which I purpose (God willing) to publish concerning the Southerne and Westerne parts of the World.

* * * * *


Hygon ho Brochthonos.

Ossoi gaian echousi Brotoi henos ekpephyasi hos allaela horan ethnesi charma physei. Hos de thaliplagktos metekiathen ethnea pleista, hoikoi mimnazous axiagastos ephy. Exocha Brettanoi d', alloin schisthentes erantai, idmenai allothroun phyla polysperea. Indous hesperious kai eoous, Aithiopas te kai Moschous, kai pant eschatounta genae. Touton d' oia malista, klyta, klytos Haklyutos graphen ariphradeos, mnaem aei essomenon.]

* * * * *

In nauales RICHARDI HAKLUYTI Commentarios.

Anglia magnarum foecunda puerpera rerum, siue solum spectes nobile, siue salum; Qua quantum sumptis se nobilitauent armis, siue domi gessit pralia, siue foris; Multorum celebrant matura volumina: tanta Insula materiem paruula laudis alit. At se in quot, qualesque, & quando effuderit oras, qua fidit ignotum peruia classis iter, Solius Hakluyti decus est, pradiuite penna ostendisse suis ciuibus ausa mari Quacunque idcirco celeri gens Anglica naui, Oceani tristes spernere docta minas, A primi generisque & gentis origine gessit, qua via per fluctus vlla pattre potest, Siue decus laudemque secuta, vt & hostibus alas demeret, atque suis lata pararet opes: Hoc opus Hakluyti; cui debet patria multum, cui multum, patria quisquis amicus erit Qui re namque magis se nostra Britannta iactat, quam quod sit prater catera classe potens? Quam prius obsessam tenebris sic liberat, vt nunc quisque sciat quam sit nobile classis opus. Quam si Dadalice vtemur surgemus in altum, sin autem Icarice, quod voret, aquor habet. RICH.

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