Northern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 1 - Collected By Richard Hakluyt

 -  At profecto nos, eo dementia non
processimus, vt eos qui locustis vescuntur, quod tum de alijs, tum Athiopia
quibusdam populis - Page 430
Northern Europe - The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques And Discoveries Of The English Nation - Volume 1 - Collected By Richard Hakluyt - Page 430 of 460 - First - Home

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At Profecto Nos, Eo Dementia Non Processimus, Vt Eos Qui Locustis Vescuntur, Quod Tum De Alijs, Tum Athiopia Quibusdam Populis,

Ideo (autore Diodoro) Acridophagis appellatis, et India, gente, cui Mandrorum nomen Clytharcus et Magestanes dederunt, teste Agatarchide, didicimus; aut ranis,

Aut cancris mannis, aut squillis gibbis, qua res hodie nota est, vulgi propterea ludibrijs exponere prasumamus, a quibus tamen edulijs, in totum nostra consuetudo abhorret.

The same in English.


[Sidenote: The ninth reproch.] Wee will heere rehearse the ninth reproch, which that slanderous hogge hath drawen from the maner of liuing, and specially from the meat and drinke of the Islanders, and that not in one or a few wordes, but in a large inuectiue: namely, that they eate olde and vnsauoury meates, and that, without the vse of bread. Also that they eate diuers kinds of fishes which are vnknowen to strangers: and that they mingle water and whey together for drinke. All which this venemous pasquill, with eloquent railing and wittie slaunder hath set out at the full.

And albeit we doe scarse vouchsafe to stand longer about answering of him, yet in regard of others, who at this day partly woonder at the matter, and partly obiect it to our nation, we thought good to adde some few things in this place.

First therefore we will diuide this our nation into two parts: into beggers, and those that susteine both themselues, and amongst others, beggers also. As touching all kinds of meats wherewith beggers and other poore men satisfie their hunger, it is no easie matter to rehearse and examine them; neither, because extreame necessity hath at some times compelled them to eate this or that, therefore it is meet to prescribe certeine kindes and number of meats to the rest of the nation.

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