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Having thus duly indoctrinated Sigurdr with the Sagas of
the family, as soon as we had crossed the lake I - Page 7
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Having Thus Duly Indoctrinated Sigurdr With The Sagas Of The Family, As Soon As We Had Crossed The Lake I

Took him up to the Castle, and acted cicerone to its pictures and heirlooms, - the gleaming stands of muskets, whose

Fire wrought such fatal ruin at Culloden; - the portrait of the beautiful Irish girl, twice a Duchess, whom the cunning artist has painted with a sunflower that turns FROM the sun to look at her; - Gillespie Grumach himself, as grim and sinister-looking as in life. - the trumpets to carry the voice from the hall door to Dunnaquaich; - the fair beech avenues, planted by the old Marquis, now looking with their smooth grey boles, and overhanging branches, like the cloisters of an abbey the vale of Esechasan, to which, on the evening before his execution, the Earl wrote such touching verses; the quaint old kitchen-garden; the ruins of the ancient Castle, where worthy Major Dalgetty is said to have passed such uncom- fortable moments; - the Celtic cross from lone Iona: - all and everything I showed off with as much pride and pleasure, I think, as if they had been my own possessions; and the more so as the Icelander himself evidently sympathised with such Scald-like gossip.

Having thoroughly overrun the woods and lawns of Inverary, we had a game of chess, and went to bed pretty well tired.

The next morning, before breakfast, I went off in a boat to Ardkinglass to see my little cousins; and then returning about twelve, we got a post-chaise, and crossing the boastful Loch Awe in a ferry-boat, reached Oban at nightfall.

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