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Then I told him of the Great Rebellion, and how, amid
the tumult of the next fifty years, the Grim - Page 6
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Then I Told Him Of The Great Rebellion, And How, Amid The Tumult Of The Next Fifty Years, The Grim

Marquis - Gillespie Grumach, as his squint caused him to be called - Montrose's fatal foe, staked life and fortunes in the

Deadly game engaged in by the fierce spirits of that generation, and losing, paid the forfeit with his head, as calmly as became a brave and noble gentleman, leaving an example, which his son - already twice rescued from the scaffold, once by a daughter of the ever-gallant house of Lindsay, again a prisoner, and a rebel, because four years too soon to be a patriot - as nobly imitated; - how, at last, the clouds of misfortune cleared away, and honours clustered where only merit had been before; the martyr's aureole, almost become hereditary, being replaced in the next generation by a ducal coronet, itself to be regilt in its turn with a less sinister lustre by him -

"The State's whole thunder born to wield, And shake alike the senate and the field;"

who baffled Walpole in the cabinet, and conquered with Marlborough at Ramilies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet; - and, last, - how at that present moment, even while we were speaking, the heir to all these noble reminiscences, the young chief of this princely line, had already won, at the age of twenty-nine, by the manly vigour of his intellect and his hereditary independence of character, the confidence of his fellow-countrymen, and a seat at the council board of his sovereign.

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