Letters From High Latitudes By Lord Dufferin

 -  But how
touching it was to see him waddle up and down the deck
after Mr. Wyse, whom he evidently - Page 280
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But How Touching It Was To See Him Waddle Up And Down The Deck After Mr. Wyse, Whom He Evidently Regarded In A Maternal Point Of View - Begging For Milk With The Most Expressive Snorts And Grunts, And Embarrassing My Good-Natured Master By Demonstrative Appeals To His Fostering Offices!

I shall never forget Mr. Wyse's countenance that day in Ullapool Bay, when he tried to command his feelings sufficiently to acquaint me with the creature's death, which he announced in this graphic sentence, "Ah, my Lord!

- The poor thing! - TOES UP AT LAST!"

Bergen is not as neat and orderly in its architectural arrangements as Drontheim; a great part of the city is a confused network of narrow streets and alleys, much resembling, I should think, its early inconveniences, in the days of Olaf Kyrre. This close and stifling system of street building must have ensured fatal odds against the chances of life in some of those world-devastating plagues that characterised past ages. Bergen was, in fact, nearly depopulated by that terrible pestilence which, in 1349, ravaged the North of Europe, and whose memory is still preserved under the name of "The Black Death."

I have been tempted to enclose you a sort of ballad, which was composed while looking on the very scene of this disastrous event; its only merit consists in its local inspiration, and in its conveying a true relation of the manner in which the plague entered the doomed city.


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